Dental Payment Plans Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth Australia

What is ADP?

ADP is a membership plan designed to get high quality dental care at a reduced fee throughout the year when you visit a participating dentist. Much like an insurance plan, it reduces the costs of dental treatment by up to 50%. All you have to do is pay a once-off annual fee, and you’ll benefit from reduced costs instantly for treatments at participating dentists.

Who is it for?



Anyone can join ADP and enjoy the benefits of a dental membership that offers significantly reduced fees. Whether you have health insurance or not, you can benefit from ADP. Overseas visitors or students can also join ADP and reap the rewards of an effective dental plan while in Australia. If you’re looking to save money on your dental treatments throughout the year, then ADP is for you. If you’re interested in signing up yourself and a partner or yourself and your family, we can offer a package to suit you. Our packaged cover options are perfect for patients wanting to sign up with members of the family, with reduced annual fees for more than one member.

How does ADP benefit me?

  • Benefit from reduced fees for every single treatment offered at participating dentists.
  • Unlike regular private health funds, there are no waiting periods with ADP, and the benefits kick in straight away.
  • There are no hidden fees or unexpected costs along the way. Just a once off annual fee that covers everything.
  • No cancellation fees
  • 14 day cooling off period

What treatments does ADP cover?

ADP covers a comprehensive range of dental treatments, including:

  • Cosmetic treatments, including at-home and in-chair whitening options.
  • General treatments, including fillings, consultations, cleans and x-rays. You can enjoy huge savings for these everyday dental treatments.
  • Emergency Dental. If you’ve experienced a dental emergency, you know it can easily leave a giant hole in your bank account. With no warnings or preparation, you can spend a fortune on repairing an injury, like a knocked out tooth. Wouldn’t it be nice to know, you’ve planned for a potential emergency, just by joining ADP.
  • Restorative treatments, including crowns, dentures and veneers.

There are no treatment exclusions, which means no matter what treatment you need, you’ll enjoy massive savings with ADP.

Membership will entitle a patient to receive a minimum discount of 10% on the regular price for the treatment. For some particular treatments you will be informed of the cost prior to the treatment (in our price guide such as for a check-up and clean, fillings etc) and for the rest of the treatments you will receive a flat 10% discount.

ADP and Health Funds

ADP membership entitles you to get a discount on the regular fees for dental treatments. You can still use your private health fund to pay reduced fees and depending on your level of cover you match the GAP payment.

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