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Please go through the following FAQ list and if you still have any question in your mind, please feel free to call us at 1300 7464 237 to have a chat with our friendly team.

What is ADP?

ADP is a plan designed to reduce any fees you may have throughout the year when you visit the dentist. Much like an insurance plan, it reduces the costs of treatment items by a significant amount. All you have to do is pay a once-off annual fee, and you’ll benefit from reduced costs for treatments at participating dentists.

Where can I use my ADP card?

When a patient signs up online and makes the payment, they will get an email notification of the successful payment and also a temporary card in the email which they can print out and take with them. This validates our commitment for a NO Waiting Period (instant). In the mean time while we will send the patient a proper membership card in the welcome pack. The patient can then check on the ADP website to find the nearest participating practice and contact them to make an appointment. Every time when the patient goes to a participating dental practice, they will have to show the card to the front desk and let them know that they are ADP members so that they can get the benefits of reduced fees. The card will be eligible for use at participating dental practices.

Are there conditions to using ADP for certain treatments?

No conditions, no catch.

Is ADP a dental insurance?


Is there any treatment exclusions?

ADP in conjunction with participating dental practices and industry experts, have created the ADP fee schedule which offers huge benefits to patients and makes dental treatments affordable. For certain treatments and item numbers ADP has a fixed fee price such as; check-ups, cleaning, fluoride, X-rays, fillings and for other treatments which are not included in this list. Members get a guaranteed minimum 10% discount on the regular fee for those treatments. For details on the ADP fee structure, please click here.

Can I use ADP with my health fund?

Yes your ADP card can be used along with your health fund. You will be required to tell the front desk that you have a health fund card along with the ADP card. Your dental practice will put the claim through HICAPS and if the payment made by the health fund is equal to OR more than the ADP price, you will not have to pay anything and it will be a NO GAP service. However, if the fund does not pay the amount equivalent to the ADP price guide then the patient will match the gap payment. For the item numbers which are not included in the ADP price list, they will get a flat 10% off and can use their health fund to pay a portion (depending upon the level of cover) of it.

What if I no longer require my membership?

If you no longer require ADP membership you can fill out this close of membership form.

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